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Himalayan Adventure in Nepal

Nepal because of the many land resource and cultural and natural resources has huge potential of adventurous activities in Nepal. Adventure activities like canyoying, trekking, rafting are luring the people all over the world. Nepal by the name, itself is the Himalayan country. Because of this, Himalayan adventure in Nepal like Himalayan Trekking, rafting in white river, bunjee jumping, paragliding are the adventurous activities that people will higher gut like. People who want to experience the thrilling activities will come to Nepal for the adventurous experience.

Now, we the best Himalayan Trekking service provider in and out Nepal is going to discuss the Himalayan adventures in Nepal.

#Himalayan Trekking in Nepal:

Nepal is Himalayan country where out of 10, 8 highest Mountain lies. First and foremost World’s Highest peak Mount Everest(8848) lies here due to this its dream for everybody to see the top of the world. Nepal is famous for Himalaya trekking, and mountaineering. For those people who can not do the mountaineering, Himalayan Trekking is available. Himalayan Trekking such as Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Manaslu circuit Trekking and many more. Similarly, Himalayas of Nepal offers a number of stunning trekking routes to all the travelers.  The hypnotising mountains and the panoramic views of the mountains give peace and happiness inside your mind and soul.

#Best Himalayan Trekking in Nepal

1. Everest Base Camp Trek-

Everest base camp trek- Himalayan adventure in Nepal

Mount Everest being the World highest Mountain. Its is dream for many people to see the top of the world. So Considering these facts, Nepalese Trekking and travel agencies has given priority to the Everest Base Camp Trek. For those who are unable to step on the zenith of the Everest, Everest Base Camp trek will be best option to fell the Everest.

Attraction of Everest Base Camp Trek-

Probably this is one of the best treks in world and offers an exclusive trekking experience and memorises.

2. Annapurna Base Camp trek-

Annapurna Base Camp Trek-Himalayan adventure in Nepal

Mount Annapurna and region offers holidays packages Annapurna base camp trek, Annapurna sanctuary trekking, Annapurna region trekking. Annapurna Sanctuary has Annapurna 1, Glacier Dome, Gangapurna, Fang and Machhapuchhare all these are mesmerism.

Major attraction of the Annapurna Base Camp trek-

  1. magnificent panoramic sunrise of the Annapurnas and Dhaulagiri.
  2. Entering a narrow valley we pass directly below Machhapuchhare before reaching the Sanctuary, a veritable home of the Gods.
  3. strenuous alpine trek offering close-up mountain views equal to any in the Himalaya.
  4. Accommodation in comfortable lodges run by local families.
  5.  Unchanged villages to the awesome peaks with local tours operators.
  6. Study of cultural and natural heritage
  7. Local life of the People
  8.  life time memory at the Base camp

#3. Manaslu  Circuit Trek-

Manaslu Circuit  Trek is full of beautiful panoramas of the peaks on the Nepal- Tibet border. This will attract anybody from all over the world. Mount Manslu is the highest mountain in the world and the trek goes around the stunning mount manaslu.

Main attraction of the Manalsu Circuit Trek-

  1. Trail reaches its highest at Larkya Pass which offers magnificent views of Manaslu.
  2. Trek Passes through fabulous mountain panorama,
  3. chance to learn Hindu and Buddhist culture from the local people
  4. leaning Tibetan-style villages,
  5. culturally  rich ancient Buddhist monasteries and challenging mountain passes.
  6. An adventurous journey to explore the scenic beauty of the Himalayan region.
  7. You will never feel to come and trek on the most beautiful Manaslu Trekking.

#4. Upper Mustang trek-

Upper Mustang trek- Himalayan adventure in Nepal

Upper Mustang Trek to find out the hidden paradise of Mustang. This place is fabulous and this trek will endeavours visitors experience ever best holiday trip in their life in Nepal. Upper Mustang is the  mystique valley and the last forbidden kingdom in Nepal which  was just opened for foreigners in 1992.

Trekking to Upper Mustang offers the travelers to bystander on heavenly beautiful Trans-Himalaya landscape, ancient Tibetan Buddhist shrines such as Stupas, Chhortens, Prayers walls, centuries old monasteries and interact with Tibetan like people makes the trip most lifetime memorable.

#Major attraction of the Upper Mustang

#Ice-climbing in Nepal

ice climbing- Himalayan adventure in Nepal

Nepal comprise 8 highest peaks Out of the world’s 10 highest peaks. Due to this, it will be best option i for mountaineering, peak and ice-climbing.

Nepal is the land of the Himalayas, also known as the mountain playground in the world because of this every fearless climber should visit Nepal’s Himalayas. Ice climbing in Nepal will provides the chance of demanding skills, extreme altitudes, jagged peaks, glaciers and icefalls will surely heightens your senses. Not only this, ice-climbing will give you an exhilarating and powerful experience that you will only get in Nepal.

#Everest Sky Diving

Everest Sky diving-Himalayan adventures in Nepal

Are not you ready to dive from moving plane over the top of the World?

Everest Sky Diving  is one of the most extreme adventure that you will get only in Nepal. Obviously, this extra-ordinary experience as it allows adventurers to jump from a plane at 29,500 feet, higher than the Everest summit as well as to float back to Everest base camp. During the dive you will experience the free-fall, the magnificent view of  beautiful lakes and settlements. Finally the closer view Mount Everest is the most Thrilling and astonishing Himalayan adventure in Nepal.

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