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Nepal Tour

Nepal is the heaven country where one can get all the peace whether it is physical or spiritual peace. One must have Nepal Tour so that they can achieve the high level of satisfaction. Nepal is the home land of the World highest mountain Mount Everest, and birthplace of the Lord Gautam Buddha known as the light of Asia but has spread the love and peace of people all over the World. Not only this, these are the things and places that you only get chance to see and found in Nepal:

# Nepal Tour offers following things to see and believe

  1. World Highest Peak Mountain Everest (8848m)
  2. Out of top 10 highest peak of the world, 8 highest peaks lies here
  3. Birthplace of the Lord Gautam Buddha who spread love and prosperity and integrity to the world
  4. One horned Rhinoceroses only found in Nepal
  5. Elephant football in the World History only played in Nepal
  6. World Deepest George i.e. Kali Gandaki George lies here
  7. Second Richest country in the water resources and has huge potential of producing 83000 Megawatts of electricity
  8. Kathmandu Valley carries all the ancient history of Nepal
  9. Learn about the Nepalese people lifestyles culture and how they live in harmony?
  10. At least, you will be free from your hassle life

These are the few things of attraction during Nepal Tour but there are numerous things of attraction. You will feel that New things or place of attraction on new place of visit.

After you land to the Tribhuvan International Airport, only one International airport of Kathmandu, Nepal. Our men will be there to receive you to our place. Then, our first priority will be to serve you with great Nepalese Hospitality. After that we will plan Kathmandu Tour, if you wish. During the GREAT NEPAL TOUR, you can have following best tours:

#1. Kathmandu Tour-

Kathmandu is the Capital City of the Himalayan Asian Country Nepal which carries the thousands decades of history. From the Gopal dynasty till now. Kathmandu is the best place to visit for the history study. Here we are going to discuss top places carrying religious and cultural importance :

Pashupatinath Temple

Nepal Tour

This temple is the Hindu Temple where all the Hindu followers come from different Part of Nepal and India. People believe that after worshiping the lord Shiva Every wish will be finished. This site has been enlisted in the list of World Heritage site

Swayambunath Temple-

Nepal Tour

This is holy place for the Buddhist. This temple is also called as the temple of monkey.  This holy temple is an ancient religious architecture atop a hill in the Kathmandu Valley. The Swoyembu complex consists of a stupa, a variety of shrines and temples, some dating back to the Licchavi period. You can also find a Tibetan monastery, museum and library are more recent additions. History: It is  the oldest religious sites in Nepal. It is believed that it was founded by the great-grandfather of King Mānadeva (464-505 CE.

Basantapur Durbar Square:-

Nepal Tour

This Durbar is one of  the main durbar (royal palace) Squares in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal where Malla king as Pratap Malla and Shah Kings as Prithvi Narayan Shah, Father of the modern unification Nepal ruled the Nepal, all of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There was Kashamandap temple( people said that the temple was built with the wood of one single tree) and Kathmandu name was named after that holy temple. But earthquake in 2071 B.S. completely destroyed that temple.

Rani Pokhari( Queen’s Pond):-

Nepal Tour

Former King of the Malla Dynasty, Pratap Malla built this Pond to console his queen who was distraught with grief after their son was trampled to death by an elephant in 1670 B.S. This pond has temple at the middle.

#2. Patan Durbar Square-

Nepal Tour

Patan is famous for its artistic heritage, and is the oldest city inside the Kathmandu valley. We can also probably say thaat it is one of the oldest Buddhist City in the world. The city is situated on a plateau across Bagmati River.  Lalitpur is another name of Patan. 4 Stupas have covered Patan as 4 corners of Patan. In reality, Patan Durbar square is full of  Hindu temples and Buddhist monuments with bronze gateways, Guardian deities and wonderful carvings and many visitors come here to see the these monuments. You will get chance to see and observe ancient places, temples, and shrines noted for their exquisite carvings. This is the place which you must visit if you have Nepal Tour.

#3. Bhaktapur Durbar Square:-

Nepal Tour

Bhaktapur Durbar Square is an ancient Newari city of Bhaktapur’s which is best known attractions. This Durbar square has a royal palace that took center stage as one of three royal capitals during the 15th century in the Kathmandu Valley. During the reign of the Malla’s, Durbar Square got most of its beautiful buildings monuments  and prominence as a great city in The Kathmandu Valley when it got the nickname “city of devotees”.

Top attraction of Bhaktapur Darbar Square

# 55 Window Palace

Nepal Tour

This palace was named after its main structure that it has 55 windows in its building. This is artistically dominating structure in entire Durbar square.

#The Golden Gate

Nepal Tour

This  Golden gate is the main entrance to the palace. The gilded torana present there features a fabulous Garuda wrestling with a number of supernatural serpents. Also there below is a four-headed and 10-armed figure of the goddess Taleju Bhawani, the family deity of the Malla kings. This implies the Nepalese art was rich enough and still remains today.

Lion’s Gate

Mini Pashupati Temple

Vatsala Temple

Nyatapola Temple
Nyatapola Temple is most famous pagoda and also highest pagoda of Nepal ever built with such architectural perfection and artistic beauty. This temple is devoted to Sidhilaxmi, a tantric goddess of supreme power and success.

#Pokhara- City of Lakes

Nepal Tour

Pokhara is the city of lakes where the world Famous Phewa lake and Begnas lake lies. Similarly, this city is a land of  majestic Himalaya.  As you visit the Phewa lake, Magnificent image of Mount Machhapuchhare is reflected in the clear waters of the Lake Phewa which attracts everyone.  You can fully enjoy on the lake water, you can swim or can do boating or can have amazing photo shoot. Not only this , you can experience the most thrilling adventure like Paragliding and rafting in the Seti river which leaves you spellbound. During the Nepal Tour Never and Ever forget to visit the beautiful place.

#Sauraha, Chitwan-Chitwan National Park for adventure

Nepal Tour

Chitwan National Park is famous for its wildlife and vegetation. The most rare animal on this planet One horned rhinoceros found here. This park is the habitat of thousands of Birds and animals. Not only this, you can have Jungle safari on the vehicles or on riding elephants.

# Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest base camp trek- Nepal Tour

The World’s Highest Peak, Mount Everest lies here.  Not every body has ability to climb over the top of the Everest. thus considering this fact, Many travel agencies have launched the Everest Base Camp trek so that every body who want to see the top of world could see and feel it.

Attraction of the Everest Base Camp:

Go and explore the beauty of the Everest and its surrounding.

There are lots of things and places to Tour in Nepal. So One must have Nepal Tour. For economy and managed and guided Nepal Tour contact Asian Journey. For more information About Nepal Tour please visit our official website Himalayan Trekking. Call us Today at  +977-9851032316 (24×7)

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