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“Trek to Everest Base Camp”

Jon | USA | August 11, 2017

Recently I have completed my Everest Base camp Trek that I had booked with Asian Journey. This adventurous journey has turned out to be the best journey of my entire life.

If you ask me then I would say that an Asian journey is one of the best companies for organizing such type of trips to Nepal. From our arrival to the time of our departure our agency owner Mr. Surya Shrestha ensures whether all our needs and wishes are properly addressed or not.

On the first day, we enjoyed our trip to Nepal and our knowledgeable guide takes us to various city attractions. Besides, he might take some time but answer all possible questions present in our head regarding Nepali culture, tradition and how native people live happily with each other despite belonging from different religious belief.

Flight to Lukla is the most memorable experience; therefore, I would suggest all to experience it at least for once. There you will get the first ever look of the great Himalayas. We start our trekking after having nice breakfast in the guesthouse present at the shore of Lukla. Here scenery was unmatchable therefore don’t forget to carry your camera along so that you can click picture freely. You never know when you came across the beautiful scenic photo that you don’t even want to miss.

Trekking is itself like walking in the park, which holds numerous ups and downs beside with the trail. Every person can easily do it but brace yourselves for more than a trip around the block.

Our porter and our guide were great. These two were full of life, personable; therefore it was great to have a trip with them. They have a profound knowledge of the mountains, plants that we encounter during the path. Besides this, we also enjoy a card game with them.

Trek was a breathtaking, memorable and beautiful experience. There are numerous tea houses where you can enjoy the route guiding toward the Mount Everest base camp. The Kala pathar, here we started our hiking early and reached the top just with the sun that is shining on the peak of Himalayas.

Asian Journeys works for us when we are confused in selection of the itinerary. This service provider is quite committed and flexible thus ensure the happiness of the client in every aspect of the trip.

In the end, it would be fair to say that this trip was best than I had expected.

“Climbed Everest Base camp and Island Peak in my 70th Birthday”

Roman Marks | USA |

I am Roman Marks (from USA) and I am close to be 70 years old! I signed up with Himalayantrekking.com for a trip of my life! I selected them using a web search. They had the most attractive offer for the money and were very accommodating in creating my schedule. In 23 days I crammed Everest Base Camp, Kala Patar, Island Peak (6,189 meters), white water Rafting and Chitwan National Park and I prayed to accomplish some and return home alive and unhurt. The trip and the company beat all my expectations!!!

First and foremost was my guide – Babu Gurung. He was smart, resoursfull, helpful, attentive and a real friend. Only because of him I was able to make all I dreamed for. When I had symptoms of altitude sickness, he helped me to cope with it, helped me with my loss of appetite, head aches, loss of sleep, he even had medicine for my stomach problems. He designed the training for HAS measured to my abilities and gave me plenty of rest and entertainment beating me in all the card games I tought him how to play. When I was coming back from summiting Island Peak (1200 m up and 1400 m down in 16 hours), he met me on the way back with 2 liters of hot chocolate. This touched me to tears. When my camera gave out, he gave me his camera to use. His care and attention can’t be measured in words!

In a competitive price from HimalayanTrekking.com  I got a fantastic 23 days trip, with guide that became my friend, porter that carried my load, everything was taken care of food, transportation, lodging. All I had to do is move, enjoy the surroundings, and people I met on the trial and in the hotels.

I highly recommend Himalayantrekking.com for your future trip to Nepal. If you want any details, call 843-766-3274

“Excellent Team for Everest Base Camp Trek”

Alice Tang | Kaohsiung, Taiwan |

Thanks to Asian Journeys team for making our dream come true. I and My friend used Asian Journeys for Everest Base Camp in October 2016 and enjoyed the trek with their expert team. Without Asian Journey‘s professional help and work we would not be able to do this amazing journey.
We would like to thank Babu and our guide for this adventure, who is very professional and reliable, it was a pleasure having him with us during the trek.
I will definitely come back to Nepal soon and will use Asian Journey’s Team for another trip.

““Amazing Trek with Enjoyable & Caring Team””

Cera Chan | Klang, Kuala Lumpur | August 7, 2017

We were happily travel from Malaysia to Kathmandu Nepal in a group of total 30++ members, trekking at Annarpurna Circuit (AC trail) passing Thorong La Pass within 10 days. I was doubted that how an agency can manage such a huge group, however we were grateful we finally returned with joy and safe with great supportive team from HimalayanTrekking.com.

This was my second times trekking at Nepal and completed my AC final loop. And our trip under care of HimalayanTrekking.com was truly amazing. We experienced heavy rain at first day of trek and snowing during second day and onward. Along the way lots of solo or small trekkers who told us do not proceed as heavy snow and bad weather may block us. Experienced Mountain Guide, responsive and caring teams, nice and responsible porters have make our day full of warms and we managed to pass Thorong La Pass safely. Lots of tears, happiness, inspired of words, encouragement to made us heading forwards and finally we achieved our goal together. I still remember the beautiful voice singing from our guide and the team during our hike from high camp towards Thorong La pass, it is so relax and feel of nature of Nepal.

First time trekked on snow land for total 9 days with twisted foot. It was swollen once arrived at Jomsom, our last day and ready to took flight return to Pokhara. Mr. Surya was worry about my foot and I was brought to hospital to treat my foot once arrived Kathmandu. My foot recovery fast and thank you Mr. Surya and team for kind and enthusiastically helps. Thank you. Dhanyabaad.

“Excellent Trek”

Jenny | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | July 23, 2017

This was the most amazing hiking experience that I had overcame before. Why do I say so? Because due to the weather when we went to Nepal to hike, it is freezing cold. However, the guides assisted us thoroughly throughout the whole hiking process. The most unforgettable event that I personally experienced during this camp was that I had been affected by the Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS). I was sleeping along the way while I was hiking. The guides were so worried about me that they guarded right beside me, took an extra eye for me to ensure that I will be alright. They even specially asked my friends to share a room with me so that they will be up to date of my condition. I was very grateful for what they did for me when I was at such critical decision. As I was unconscious and did not know what had happened actually throughout the trip, what the guides did have just saved my life, and I appreciated for everything that had been done for me. The guides dealt with any events that appears despite it is a not so serious or very serious in a very professional way. For my personal experience from this trip, the guides called up the helicopter service to standby so that they can handle the matter in a very immediate manner when it turns out to become bad. The guides also encouraged the hikers to not give up while conquering the mountain at Nepal, talked about positive things so that we will not think about the negatives while hiking. The porters that helped to carry bags knew about my critical condition so they offered to carry my bag. I was so touched about how they reacted whenever they see someone in a not so good condition. A very big thanks to Himalayan Vista team for making the dreams of my friends and I come true. Thank you so much. I will definitely choose this company as my first option when i plan to hike in Nepal again. I will also recommend my other hiker friends to choose this when they want to hike in Nepal. It so much worth the whole hiking trip.

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