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Best Trekking Destinations in Asia

Asia, the largest continent of the World. Being the largest continent, it full packages for to experience the snow capped mountains, stunning lakes, lush forests, the wildlife, unique culture and traditions. If you are ever tired of your hustle life and want to be free then These best trekking Destinations in Asia can be ideal way to be hang out.  There are more than thousands of trekking destinations. You can trek to the Base camp of the World Highest peak Mount Everest to other amazing and astonishing places of Asian countries. If you are curious to know about the trekking places of Asia then

#Best Trekking Destinations in Asia – top destination

1. Nepal – Top Trekking destination in Asia

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal being the homeland of the top 8 highest peak of the World offers best trekking experience to trekkers. As Nepal has Most demanding and best trekking destination in the World. As you can trek to

  1. the World Highest peak’s base camp-Everest Base camp  trek and
  2. Known world most beautiful trek- Annapurna Base Camp trek.

This both treks offers spectacular scenery of snow-capped mountains peaks and unique culture and tradition of the Locals.

2. Bhutan – Best trekking destinations in Asia

Bhutan Trekking“Great chance to explore the Buddhist Monasteries during your trekking” 

The Snowman Trek of Bhutan is Bhutan for those trekkers who want to experience the hardest distant walk on the planet. Although this treks only covers about 200 miles, this trek normally takes up to 25 days due to the high altitude and unpredictable weather caused by the elevation levels. Experiencing the scenic view along the trail with various wildlife animals like snow leopards add to more thirst to your trek.

Best time to trek- From October to April for avoiding rain and snow.

3. Myanmar – Best trekking destinations in Asia

Myanmar Tour

Myanmar is developing in tourism and hence offers the best trekking opportunities. From lowlands to Himalayan ranges, there is quite range of surprises which attracts you anyhow. Best trekking destinations of Myanmar are:

  • Inle Lake Region – to explore the hills around Myanmar’s Inle Lake
  • Bagan-the Htilominlo temple in Bagan, Myanmar
  • North Shan State- to study white and gold pagodas in Hsipaw, a growing hub for nature enthusiasts
  • Hpa An & Mawlamyine

In the same manner, You can feel the diverse forests, manageable peaks and a rich ethnic diversity. While this country is best for the exploration of

  • visit remote tribal groups,
  • scale Mount Victoria and
  • explore the little-visited Nat Ma Taung National Park,
  • home to beautiful and rare flora and fauna.

4. Sri Lanka – Best trekking destinations in Asia

SriLanka tour

Sri Lanka is best to trek with dense Jungle. This Country is like a cream of ice cream as for the baby and trekking for the nature lovers. This country provides extensive chances for exploring mountain ranges, attractive tea plantations, sacred mountains and wildlife forests. In spite of this, UNESCO World Heritage sites and number of trekking trails will surely lure you.

5. South Korea –  The Best Trekking destinations of Asia

South Korea Tour

Seoraksan National Park is probably the best and master piece of Korean people and nature. It is made under UNESCO Biosphere Protected site. This park comprise oddly shaped rock formations, dense forests, abundant wildlife, hot springs and ancient Shilla-era temples.  Trekking to Seorak-san (Snowy Crags Mountain,  the third-highest mountain in South Korea, is something that you never imagined. You can walk to the park of nearly 400,000 sq km and enjoy the nature beauty with combination to man art.


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