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Places to See in Patan Durbar Square Tour

Patan is located on the high area of land in the Kathmandu Valley to the southern side of the Bagmati River. Patan also was known as Lalitpur literally is the city of beauty. It is indeed a city of beauty and grace. The city is full of Buddhist monuments and Hindu temples with fine gateways, guardian deities, and wonderful carvings. The place has the prosperity for its tradition of arts and crafts, this city is best known for its rich cultural heritage. Also known as the city of festivals and feasts, fine ancient art, making of metallic and stone carvings.

  1. Patan Durbar Square Tour:

    It is situated in the heart of the city and is the focal point for many tourists. The square is full of ancient palaces, temples, and shrines, also for their excellent cravings. The Patan Durbar Sqaure consists of three main chowk or courtyards, the central Mul Chowk, Sundari Chowk and Keshar Narayan Chowk. The Sundari Chowk holds in its center a masterpiece of stone architecture. The architecture and the designs are amazed to look through.

Patan Durbar Square Tour

  1. Patan Museum:

    It is the first public museum in Nepal that has created an autonomous environment for the tourists. The most picturesque setting of the palace has been created in a small place by piety and pride is known now to the people as Keshav Narayan Chowk after a temple standing at the center of the courtyard dedicated to the Keshavnarayan- a form of Lord Vishnu. This part is recorded in the history as Chaukot Durbar.

  2. Krishna Mandir Temple:

    The Krishna Temple lies on the west side of Patan’s Durbar Square. It is believed that this temple was built just because of a dream. King Siddhi Narasigh Malla dreamt that the gods Krishna and Radha were standing in front of the palace. The king ordered a temple built on the same spot. During a war with a neighboring kingdom a decade later, the king called on Krishna to vanish his enemies. Then in gratitude, the king built a replica of the temple inside the Sundari Chauk courtyard.

  3. Rudra Varna Mahavira:

    The Rudra Varna Mahavira is one of the unique Buddhist monasteries which contains an amazing collection of images and statues in metal, stone, and wood. It is also believed that the kings in the ancient times were crowned in this monastery. Many of the treasures offered by the devotees can be seen here even today.

  4. Mahabouddha:

    The another well-known place of the Patan is Mahaboudha In this place lies the Buddhist temple made of clay bricks in which thousands of images of Lord Buddha are engraved. The Terra-cotta structure is one of the fourteenth Nepalese architectural masterpieces.

  5. Machchendranath and Minnath Temple:

    The road from the Minnath Temple, down an alley, a white-columned gateway leads to the wide, open square containing the revered Rato Machchendranath Temple. It is known for the god of rain and blurs the line between Buddhism and Hinduism.The freestanding pillars at the front of the temple is a curious collection of metal animals, including a peacock, Garuda, horse, buffalo, lion, elephant, fish, and snake. The man image of Machhendranath resides here for six months a year, before moving to Bungamati during the spectacular Rato Machhendranath Festival in April–May.

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