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Top 10 Places to See in Tibet

Tibet “the Roof of the world” offers natural beauty and mystery in its own. It is a land of largest and highest plateau on earth. The land with natural beauty, remote Buddhist monasteries and a hospitable culture is famous in the world.  It’s unique Buddhist culture, rare wildlife, snow-capped mountains, deep tropical rain forests and open pastureland are the hidden treasures to be explored. It is a journey of scenic and religious discovery of the land and self also with the people of the Tibet with their richness in culture, tradition, food and their lifestyles. The peoples are really humble and the unity is the strength part of it. In addition to this,  Yarlung Tsangbo river, palaces, monasteries cultural and religious heritages wonderful things of the land.

The trip to Tibet also offers your sense with smells, tastes and colors you have never experienced before, you will taste rich, savory stews of spicy yak, crispy asian pears and sweet local melons. You will enjoy the most adventurous route from Kathmandu through vast landscapes, glittering peaks, high mountain passes, remote high altitude desserts, densely forested gorges and scenically stunning views. It truly is a unique travel experience that you will not find anywhere else on the planet.

The top beautiful places not to miss in Tibet are

Top 10 Places to See in Tibet

1. Mount Kailash:

Top 10 Places to See in Tibet-Mount Kailash

A great mass of black rock soaring to the unique distinction of being the world’s most venerated holy place known for Mount Kailash. The place is supremely sacred site of four religious and billions of people. It is not particularly high as far as peaks in the Himalaya but there is no other peak in Tibet that is as holy as Kailash. No planes, trains or buses journey anywhere near the region and even with rugged over-land vehicles the journey still requires weeks of difficult, often dangerous travel. As the climate at the Mt. Kailash is unpredictable so one must be prepare for that.

 2. Everest Base Camp:

Top 10 Places to See in Tibet- Tibet Everest Base Camp

Tibet Everest Base Camp

Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world, and also the main peak of Himalayas. The summit is situated on the border between china and Nepal, while north side belongs to Tibet autonomous region of china. The shape of the mountain is just like a huge pyramid, which is the most fascinating destination for tourists all over the world. Moreover, traveling at the foot of Mount Everest symbolizes the limit of self- challenge as Mount Everest enjoys the reputation of the roof of the world with more than 40high peaks in 7000 meters above sea level nearby. The best time to capture the beauty of Mount Everest is during April to June and September to December.


3. Nam Tso:

Top 10 Places to See in Tibet-Namtso Lake Tibet

Namtso Lake Tibet

Nam Tso Lake lies in about 5 hours north of the Tibetan capital city of Lhasa. It is the largest lake in the Tibet and certainly one of the most beautiful. While doing this tour, you can explore the nomads’ way of life, as well as get a great view of Mt. Nyincheng Thangla and visit the famous hot springs in Yangbacheng. The lake is surrounded by the snow-covered Nyenchen Tanglha Range, the highest mountains in northern Tibet. During the summer months from late May through mid September,  You can see nomad Tibetans in the area herding their yaks and sheep. If you only have time to visit one lake in Tibet, Nam Tso is the easy choice.

4. Guge Kingdom:

Guge Kingdom Tibet

Guge Kingdom Tibet

The ancient Guge Kingdom is an amazing place that few travelers get to experience. Built in the late 10th century near the modern day town of Zanda. Guge, a major Buddhist religious center as well as an important trade hub between Tibet and Central Asia. The most popular place is Tsaparang Citadel, which is spectacular ruin set in an unreal badlands setting. The Citadel is ruin and complex set of caves linging the base of a mountain. The top of the mountain have summer and winter palaces of the royal family that used to reside here.

5. Lhasa:

Lhasa Tibet

Lhasa Tibet

The famous capital city ”Lhasa” is a beautiful big city and that large parts of the city are completely Chinese style. Beautiful pattern and design amazes us with their beauty. The Lhasa city itself is full with lots of stunning places to stop by. The place Jokhang is Tibet’s most holiest temple, each day thousand of devout Buddhist pilgrims can be seen walking around the Jokhang while spinning prayer wheels and chanting mantras. Their devotion is incredible. Other beautiful sites in Lhasa include the Potala Palace, which dominates the skyline. This 1000 room building is the most iconic structure in Tibet.

6. Samye Monastery:


Samye Monastery is Tibet’s first monastery which was founded in the late 8th Its unique layout in the shape of a mandala is unique. The monastery is surrounded by pleasant mountains and surprisingly, large sand dunes are found not far away. This is regarded as one of the most important monasteries in Tibet and the greater Himalaya and the place from which Buddhism expanded. It is a major pilgrimage destination for Tibetans, especially during Losar or Tibetan New Year. The peace and wonderful scenery gives the travelers an extreme joy.

 7. Lake Manasarovar:

Mansarovar Lake

Mansarovar Lake

The Lake Manasarovar is Tibet’s most sacred lake which lies in way to Mt. Kailash. The lake lies near the border of Nepal and offers a sweeping view of the Himalaya to the south. It is one of the highest freshwater lakes on the planet and people taking bath reliefs all their sins is a spiritual belief.  Also the mighty peak of Gurla Mandhata can be seen rising above the lakeshore.

8. Sakya Monastery:


It lies on west of Shgatse. It’s one of the unique monasteries in Tibet due to its fortress like appearance and as it is painted maroon, gray and white. This monastery serves as the seat of the sakya order and of the Sakya Trizins who are the spiritual leaders of the order. There are other several smaller temples located close to Sakya Monastery. The mountains surrounding the monastery are great for day hiking. There are now a couple of decent hotels in Sakya making this a great place to spend one of your nights in Tibet.

9. Yamdrok Lake:


This Yamdrok Lake is one of the main holy lakes in Tibet. It is famous for its turquoise-colored waters, it is easy to see why Yamdrok is such a popular attraction. The massive 7191 meter high peak of Nojun Kangtsang forms the background of the lake, which is shaped like a scorpion. The lake is best viewed some kilometers past Lhasa from the top of the 4700+ meter high pass of Kamba La. From this pass, you can see an outstanding panoramic view of YamdrokLake. This Lake is visited along the overland route from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp.

10. Gyantse:

Gyantse Tibet

Gyantse is one of the pleasant town located west of Lhasa. It’s a small town but a lot to see and explore the beautiful place. One of the oldest , over 600 years old Palcho Chorten Monastery is located here. The walled monastery contains the largest stupa in all of Tibet, which rises 32 meters high. A short hike to the base of the massive wall surrounding the monastery offers a panoramic view. The old Gyantse fortress dominates the skyline of the town. Lastly, the old Town of Gyantse will take you back to past generations as you stroll the street lined with traditional Tibetan homes.

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