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Visit Nepal 2020

Planning to visit Nepal in 2020? Then we have special packages for visit Nepal 2020. Nepal is one of the standout destinations in the world when it comes to beautiful nature and various adventures. The roof of the world well groomed with ranges of soaring Himalayas by nature, the land where the strong spirit of The Gurkhas was initiated, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the land of gorgeous landscapes and the residence of hundreds of ethnic groups, Nepal is surely an incredible country listed in the world. This unbeatable country in natural beauty was quite devastated by a massive earthquake in 2015. This news spanned the world and the inflow of tourists visiting Nepal was reduced to almost a half compared to the previous years. The media, unfortunately, failed to show the world that the major cities of Nepal were still alive for the visitors to welcome.

Visit Nepal 2020

However, the tourist inflow rebounded to almost the same number as previous years. The year 2017 welcomed 940,218 number of visitors from all over the world. Hence, the government of Nepal decided to celebrate the year 2018 in order to flow the message that Nepal was fighting back and it was still safe just as before the quake happened. But due to the ongoing construction of two new international airport at Lumbini and Pokhara, and the continuous repairing of heritage sites, the plan was postponed to the year 2020. Therefore, 2020 will show the world that this beautiful small country has an immense resilience towards any disasters just as the gigantic Himalayas.

The year 2020 is supposed to bring a huge success in the Nepal Tourism sector. Following the great accomplishments of Visit Nepal Year in 1998 and Nepal Tourism Year in 2011, Visit Nepal campaign in 2020 is also expected to help Nepal grow its potentials in tourism. For that sake, various preparations have been going on. The two new International airports are on their way to bring home more visitors than ever, the heritage sites being rebuilt, the betterment in transportation, the increment of rooms by 4000 in four stars and five star category and of course the aggressive promotion of the Visit Nepal Year 2020 campaign are taking place in the country.

The government of Nepal hopes to bring the double number of tourists that is 2 million in Nepal and to aid the extensive inflow, the two new airports along with extended 21 hours of service by the Trivuwan International Airport are planned.  Visit Nepal 2020 is being spanned all over the social media and world is really getting ready to witness the incredible sides of Nepal.

Why should you visit Nepal 2020?

  • Trekking and Climbing

Nepal has always fascinated people from all over the world when it comes to trekking and climbing. This beautiful country is listed in the top ten destinations for trekking. Walking uphills especially, more than 4000m, getting closer and closer to the great Himalayas as you keep going in the midst of vast landscape is something no traveler would like to miss. Plus, the land of world’s highest peak Mt Everest also offers you to climb these pride of the nation. Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Manaslu, Mardi Himal, Kanchenjunga, and various other base camps are also the center of attraction.

  • Unique Wilderness

Trekking is not all that Nepal offers. Nepal is a home to several varieties of flora and fauna. Nepal is a host to more than 800 species of birds and 208 species of mammals. The Royal Bengal Tiger, One Horned Rhinos, Musk Deer, Clouded Leopards, Tibetan Wolf, Red Panda, etc are a few names of mammals that attract visitor from all over the world. In a similar manner, Nepal is also getting popular for birdwatching. Shukla at Wildlife Reserve, Bardia National Park, Khaptad, Chitwan, Everest, Langtang, Kathmandu valley, etc are the good places for a bird lover. Moreover, 1,624 species of medical and aromatic herbs grow in Nepal. If you would like to witness such a bio-diversity in just one small country, then do visit Nepal.

  • Diverse Geography

800 kilometers long and 150 to 250 km wide Nepal occupies an area of 147,181 meter square of an area on earth. This small country has a large variety of landscape. The great gigantic mountains in the North, beautiful green hills and lush forests in the middle and the plain yet gorgeous land of the Terai. This variation is a gift for the Nepalese by nature as such a height difference has defined the country’s hydropower capacity to be 83,000 Megawatt. Such tremendous variation has caused the different kinds of wilderness in the hotter place like Chitwan National Park and the colder place at such a great elevation like Sagarmatha National Park. Therefore, travel to Nepal and observe the beauty of Nepali geography.

  • The rich Heritages and Cultures

More than a hundred ethnic groups dwell within the geography of Nepal. They are scattered all over the country with a majority of many groups in every particular area. Newar, Gurung, Sherpa, Tamang, Brahman, Ksetri, Rai, Magar, etc are just a few mentions of the long list. These people have their own languages, different foods to enjoy, various traditional attires, beautiful dances, a variety of cultures and traditions and their own lifestyles. But hospitality, kindness, respect for each other, love for all and patriotism are the things that every Nepalese share in common. Observing such a beautiful diversity in a small country like Nepal and seeing them live in peace and harmony despite such variations make one fall in love with the smiley and friendly Nepalese.

Likewise, Nepal has ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These beautiful, cultural and religious places hold a great importance worldwide. The unique arts and architecture, beautiful carvings and paintings, artistic thankas and handicrafts, the variety of wilderness, peaceful stupas and the charm they carry are just so spiritual and mesmerizing.

Popular tour Packages for Visit Nepal 2020

  1. Everest Base Camp Trek
  2. Annapurna Base Camp Trek
  3. Nepal Family Adventure
  4. Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour
  5. Everest Mountain Flight
  6. Annapurna Circuit 
  7. Manaslu Circuit Trek
  8. Mardi Himal Trek
  9. Ghorepani Poonhill Trek
  10. Best Nepal Tour
  11. Kathmandu tour
  12. Langtang Valley  Trek

This gorgeous country has a lot more to offer. So, do visit Nepal this 2020 and we’ll make sure that your vacation not to go wasted.

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