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Where is Mount Everest

Feb 22, 2018 | 703 Views
Where is Mount Everest

Let’s start at the top. At this point, everyone should know that Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world. Also that this magnificent mountain is located somewhere in the continent of Asia. But the real question stands – Where is Mount Everest?
The highest mountain in the world has many names. It’s called Chomolungma, meaning “Goddess Mother of the World” in Tibet and Sagarmatha, literally meaning “Peak of Heaven”, in Nepal. It was not until 1865 when it got the name “Mt. Everest” to honor Sir George Everest who first recorded the location of the mountain.
Many travelers from around the world wish to take a glance at this majestic mountain from the Everest Base Camp and trekkers wish to conquer it. They are especially concerned with the location of this peak. This article will paint a clear picture of the location of Sagarmatha along with some interesting Mount Everest facts. 

Where is Everest located?

We know Mount Everest is located in Asia but which country?
The answer is Nepal, a country small in size but rich in natural and cultural diversity. It is a small landlocked country that is bordered by India to the South and China to the North.
To dig deeper, the exact location of the Mount Everest is Mahalangur range of the Great Himalayas. It arises exactly at the Nepal and Tiber border in South Asia, coordinates for which are 27°59’ North latitude, 86°55’ East longitudes.
On the Nepali side (since it lies in the Nepali-Tibet border), Everest lies in the Sagarmatha National Park in Solukhumbu district. Trekkers and expeditionists, keen on climbing Mount Everest, usually fly from Kathmandu to Lukla due to the unavailability of roads to Lukla.

What is the height of Mount Everest?

There are a total of 8 giant mountains that stand tall over 8,000m in Nepal. Another popular question after ‘where is Mount Everest’ can be ‘are there other mountains in Nepal’ and ‘how high is Mount Everest’. Talking about Mount Everest height, it is the highest peak in the world, standing at 8,848m. However, there’s a debate going on about the changes in the height of the Everest due to the massive Earthquake of 2015.
Recently, a height measurement expedition was held to collect surveys on the actual height of Mount Everest as of now. The experts say the data can take a few months to calculate.

How is the weather in Mount Everest?

When it comes to places like Everest, you can’t solely rely on the weather forecasts. The weather up there is quite risky as it can change really fast. You have to be ready for any disaster since predicting the weather is of no good.
As the altitude ascends, the level of oxygen declines dramatically. The oxygen at the base camp is only 53% than the level of oxygen found at the sea level.
With the speed of 118+ miles/hour, the wind at the summit of Everest qualifies for Jet Stream that nearly blows all year long. The mountain is more welcoming to the expeditionists in early May, when the Jet Stream is pushed northward over Tibet.
Climbers need to choose their moment carefully and give their bodies a chance to adapt to the altitude. Many trekkers have perished in the route due to Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). They have to be careful with the signs such as headache, dizziness, and disorientation.

Climbing Mount Everest

Since the climate is most favorable during early May, the expeditionists that are up for climbing Mount Everest arrive at the base camp generally in late March. On an average, expeditions to the summit of Mount Everest take up to 2 months.
On May 29, 1953, Tenzing Norgay Sherpa of Nepal and Edmund Percival Hillary of New Zealand conquered the summit of Everest through the Southeast Ridge Route. This date marked the first ascent to the highest peak in the world.
The base camp on the south side sits at the foot of the icefall at an elevation of 5,300m. Climbers consider it to be the first major obstacle to come in the course of climbing Mount Everest. Likewise, the ascent involves climbing up to camp 3 and camp 4. After climbing up to each camp, the climbers descend to the previous camps or base camp. This process is known as acclimatization since they need to get used to the altitude and temperature of the Everest.
The need for acclimatizing is the main reason why the climb to the summit takes about 2 months. Climbers usually aim to reach the summit in the morning leaving the window open to descend before nightfall.

Mount Everest Deaths Record

Ascending from the base camp, the weather gets more difficult and riskier. Obviously, if one’s not too careful, it may lead to death. It is evident by a fact that since 1969, at least a person dies in an attempt to conquer the summit of Everest. The major reasons being frostbite, avalanches, snow blindness, hypothermia, fall injuries, suffocation, and starvation.
Believe it or not, there’s even a Death Zone in the Everest. But where is Mount Everest death zone really at?
The answer is any altitude above 7500m or 8000m in higher mountains where the amount of oxygen is not enough for humans to breathe. The doctors that monitor the climbers are only available below 5400 meters mark and so above this height, only a fool would take any snow disease lightly.
1977 was the last year without any death record. Only 2 people attempted the climb in that year and both succeeded. More than 5000 people have tried to reach the summit and 305 deaths have already been recorded (as of May 2019). Perishing on such hazardous conditions and altitude, it’s not always that the dead bodies can be located.


We hope this article answered the question ‘Where is Mount Everest’ for you and similarly, gave you interesting facts about the location and attempt on climbing the glorious Mount Everest with the challenges and risks that follow.
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