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Where is Nepal?

Jul 22, 2018 | 743 Views
Where is Nepal?

Where is Nepal?
Where is Nepal Actually Geographically?
Nepal land locked country that lies between Giant Country India and China.  The Sovereign and peaceful country, Nepal is covered by India in three side, east, west and South and one Northern side by the Great country China.
Geographically, Nepal stands between China and India at 26° and 31°N latitudes and 80° and 89°E longitudes. Nepal measures 885 kilometers from East to West but the breadth differs from 145 to 241 kilometers from North to South.
Nepal has unique variation in its altitude as it about 200 meters (658 ft) in South to over 8,848 meters (29,028 ft highest point in the Earth) above sea-level in North. Not only this, with area of 147, 181 Sq is 94th largest country in World.
Geological location of Nepal is, it situates just above the Great collision region of Indian subcontinent and Eurasia plates.
Quick facts About Nepal

  • Population: 29,890,686
  • National Language: Nepali (National language) and Maithali, Urdu, and other native language of different communities
  • Independence Year:  1768
  • Capital City: Kathmandu
  • Currency: Nepalese Rupee
  • Land Area 143,351 Sq. km
  • Water Area 3,830 Sq. km
  • Neighbors: India, China
  • Minimum Longitude: 80.060
  • Maximum Longitude: 88.200
  • Mininum Latitude: 26.360
  • Maximum Latitude: 30.430
  • Country dialing code :977
  • Top level internet domain for Nepalese sites: .com.np.

What are Physiographic regions of Nepal?

Nepal is categorized into three main physiographic regions:

  1. Himalayan,
  2. Hilly
  3. Terai

#1. The Himalayan region

The Himalayan region is in the Northern side which begins with altitude range of 4,877 meters to 8,848 meters. This, region covers the Snowy part and includes the almost all mountain ranges of Nepal. Also, this region occupies about 25% of total land of Nepal.
This region is home for the hundreds of mountains including the top 8 tallest mountain out of 10.

  1. Sagarmatha (Mount Everest) with height 8848 m
  2. Mount Kanchanjunga, 8586 m
  3. Mount Lhotse, 8561 m
  4. Mount Makalu, 8463 m
  5. Mount Cho Oyu, 8201 m
  6. Mt. Dhaulagiri, 8167 m
  7. Mt. Manaslu, 8163 m
  8. Mt. Annapurna, 8091 m

#2.Hilly Region

Just Below the Great Himalayan region, there lies Hilly region. This region is band of mountains named Mahabharat range that hills up to 4,877 meters from 1,500 meters. While talking about this region, this Hilly part almost occupies the 64 percent of the total land area of Himalayan country.

#3. Terai region

Known as the Grainy of Nepal, this region lies jut Below the Mahabharat range. Most of the fertile land lies in this area occupying only 16% of total area of Nepal. The Young Sivalik hill lies in this part.

#Other important information about Nepal

 The Climate of Nepal

According to the geographical location of Nepal, Nepal has seasons:

  • summer,
  • monsoon,
  • autumn,
  • winter, and
  • spring.

In summer during Summer and monsoon there is plenty of rainfall while is winter there is extreme cold in Terai and Himalayan. Most of the Trekkie routes are stooped during this winter due to the strong storm and snowfalls in the Himalayan region.

Religions of Nepal

About 80% of the Nepalese people practice Hinduism dominating other religions. However, It is peace land of Lord Buddha only 10% of people practice Buddhism. Islam, Christianity and Jains are other religions that Nepalese people follow.

Nepalese Production

Nepal is agricultural country and its major products are Tea, rice, corn, millet, wheat, sugarcane, jute, and tobacco. Nowadays Nepalese are practicing new crops using the modern technologies.

 The Food

Although the national food of Nepalese is Dal bhat tarkari (rice, lentils and vegetable curry). But with the increment of Tourism, other international foods as  Tibetan cuisine, Indian and continental foods are also gaining popularity.

Unknown facts Nepal

Some unknown facts of Nepal that will blow your Mind

  • Railways in Nepal covers only 54 Km
  • only 65% of Nepalese people have access to internet
  • Once Nepal’s name was Capital of weed as during years ago weed was free in Nepal
  • Nepal is home for only living Goddess, Kumari.
  • there has never been religious fight in Nepal  where in other country you can hear many religious roits
  • Birthplace of Lord Gauatam Buddha
  • World’s highest Bunjee jump of the Bhote Koshi River measures about 160 meters
  • Famous Singer Bob Seger wrote and sung  a song called Katmandu in 1975.
  • Nepal is best known as the Gurkhas
  • “Its Better to die than to be a coward” is the world famous motto of the Nepalese Gurkha soldiers.
  • Endangered animals like Bengal tiger, red panda, snow leopard, one horned rhinoceros all found in Nepal
  • National animal of Nepal is Cow and killing cow for meat is strictly prohibited.
  • Apa Sherpa scaled Mount Everest 21 times which is a World record.
  • World shortest  older man Chandra Bahadur Dangi belongs from Nepal

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