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Best time to do Dolpo Region Trekking
January 1, 2020 By himalayantrekking

Fancy traveling in the isolated wilderness somewhere in the far-western region of Nepal? Dolpo Region Trekking is just the perfect travel plan for you. Everyone has their own thoughts on traveling. While some prefer group adventures, others prefer isolation and they say traveling enables them to connect with nature. Some even seek isolation to take […]

2019 Autumn Climbing Season in Nepal
September 23, 2019 By Raunak Neupane

Mountain Climbing and Trekking are very popular adventurous activities in Nepal. Many tourists visit Nepal just to feel the adrenaline rush when they conquer the mountain ranges of Nepal. We owe this pleasure to the diverse geography of the country.  Recently, the Tourism Department has issued 230 climbing permits and more are pending. That’s all […]

Jungle Safari in Nepal
September 17, 2019 By Raunak Neupane

Biodiversity is a major reason why Jungle Safari in Nepal has an amazing scope in the tourism industry. In the world map, Nepal is actually very small. In fact, it covers just 0.1% of the global area. However, the fact that 3.2% and 1.1% of the world’s known flora and fauna, respectively, are found in […]

Culture of Nepal
September 8, 2019 By himalayantrekking

The rich culture of Nepal influences and somehow connects the daily lives of people. Having a good history of conquest, trade and a few migrations, the culture in this country is diverse. If you are planning to take a tour around Nepal, you will experience the richness and uniqueness in culture and tradition. The multi-lingual and multi-ethnic […]

Best Hiking Places in Nepal
August 21, 2019 By himalayantrekking

Do you know the thrill and joy of hiking in Nepal? This experience is accessible to only those who wake up in the morning with sheer determination. Those who tie up their shoes knowing the challenges that lie ahead. But don’t be confused! It’s not the same as trekking. If you are up for a […]

Popular Nepal Hindu Temples for Hindu Pilgrimage Tour
May 28, 2019 By himalayantrekking

Hinduism, being one of the prominent religion in India and Nepal, there are quite a lot of temples of worship for Hindus in every village and city. Well, unlike other religious groups, Hindus worship several deities in their several forms, otherwise known as avatars. It’s a known fact that Nepal is diverse when it comes […]

Kumari – The Living Goddess Of Nepal
May 9, 2019 By himalayantrekking

Among the several tales of culture and history in Nepal, the tale of Kumari: The Living Goddess is one that is widespread among the communities residing in the country. But what exactly does Kumari mean? The word translates to ‘Virgin’ in English. Goddess Kumari is said to be the manifestation of Goddess Taleju with the added power […]

Where was Buddha Born
April 24, 2019 By himalayantrekking

Without a doubt, Buddha was born in Lumbini of Nepal. The famous gardens of Lumbini, which now is a popular and sacred pilgrimage place, was Buddha’s birthplace. The next time someone asks “Where was Buddha born?” you will be able to make them read this article to get the essential details about the birthplace of […]

Muktinath Temple Yatra
April 22, 2019 By himalayantrekking

Muktinath is a religious place of both Hindus and Buddhists (Chumig Gyatsa) lies in Muktinath valley. Some people mistakenly spelled Muktinath as “Mukthinath” which is derived from “Mukti” and “Nath”. The meaning of Mukti is Nirvana and “Nath” is “god or master”. Muktinath is a famous trekking destination among the tourist around the world, and […]

Koshi Tappu
April 20, 2019 By himalayantrekking

Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve, the protected area covering 175 km square and situated in the wetlands of Terai region, is the habitat for many of the wildlife including endangered species. It is the best suitable place for bird watching as it is the host for 485 species of birds including watercock, dusky eagle owl, and […]

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