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Kailash Tours

Kailash Tour is divine and unparalleled experience, therefore tourist who came here to witness wilderness natural scenery can either start their adventurous trip from Kathmandu or Lhasa. They can even explore the cultural development, Tibetan Buddhism all the way across the Tibet. This Kailash yatra promises that galaxy is the sacred religious attraction and natural wonders, diverse activities for visitors to experience.
Kailash Tours best suited for Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage as well as for nature lover and for adventure seekers. Situated at secrete land of Tibet Mount Kailash and Lake Manosarovar offers Thousands of Tourist every year. Because this mountain carries religious importance due to this lots of people visit this mountain. Hindu pilgrimage visit this Mountain having
Kailash Tour by Helicopter is another way to make short and comfortable tour to Kailash via beautiful hill station Simikot of Nepal. Lhasa Kailash Tour is again another option to have both experience of Historical cities of Tibet and Mount Kailash Manasarovar.
 Best Time to Visit Mount Kailash
#April to October will be best as there will be low snowfall and the path will be visible.
Frequently asked Question about the Empty Kailash Tours
#Do you need a passport to Have Kailash Tour?
Yes, sure as you have to go to the Lhasa Tibet.
What are the different ways to reach to Kailash?
There are different ways to reach there as by bus or buy helicopter.Lets see different modes of ways:
1. By road from Kathmandu and from there by road to Lake Manasarovar at the base of Mount Kailash. This is the most popular route for doing Mount Kailash Tour.
3. Helicopter tours of Kailash are perfect choice for those who cannot walk and tolerate the cold.  This tour uses fixed wing aircraft for the flight from Kathmandu to Nepalganj and from there to Simikot. From Simikot a helicopter flies to Hilsa. Landcruisers are then used to reach Manasarovar.
4. From the Lhasa Tibet. As you reach to Kathmandu and then you can have flight to Lhasa by China Air and from there one will visit various towns in Tibet like Shigatse, Gyantse, Lhatse, Prayang etc. and will reach there
How to return from there??
For this you will have three option:
a. drive back to Lhasa and fly back to Kathmandu.
b. drive back to Hilsa and fly by Helicopter and fixed wing aircraft to Kathmandu.
c. drive back to Kathmandu via Kodari Border (Friendship Bridge).
Other Usefull Info:

Never and ever bring any books, magazine, pictures about Tibet, Buddhism or about any Lama’s.  If you do so Custom of China will not allow you to enter with those kinds materials.
Do not take Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, liquids like Ghee, Oils and many more as Chinese custom have banned such things at Kodari.
Do not take or by mistakenly take any pictures and videos in Chinese customs, Army and police station
Stand in line in every customs and in checking post as per your visa list number
Be co-operative with every position from every Nepalese and Tibetan staffs and in Immigration sites

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Check the following tours and customize a Kailash yatra that works best for you. Choose Himalayan trekking as your tour partner.

Kailash Tour
Price From
US$2390 2580
Kailash Manasarovar Yatra
Price From
US$2390 2580
11 nights/12 days | Min 4

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Lhasa to Kailash Tour
Price From
Saga Dawa Festival in Kailash
Price From
13 nights / 14 days | Min 4

Saga Dawa Festival in Kailash

Kailash Trek via Simikot
Price From
17 nights/18 days | Min 4

Kailash Trek Via Simikot Nepal

Mount Kailash Helicopter Tour
Price From
9 nights / 10 days | Min 4

Mount Kailash Helicopter Tour